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Software Project Management: Traditional Waterfall Methods Are Not Structured Enough

As a developer, the key metric for making up my mind about the likelihood of a project plan leading to a successful outcome is whether it tells me something about the time which will elapse between a feature being specified and when QA feedback about it is available.

Reviewed a proposed project plan today. Here’s an excerpt from my notes:

The phases following the discovery / design phase are shown as  development, testing and integration.  The reason why it might be better to structure iterations along the lines of delivered product features instead is because a design/development/testing/integration phase approach isn’t structured enough to allow for meaningful risk mitigation: Something more agile would be better.



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Slides from “Evolution of Software Architectures”

See here for the slides from the “Much Ado About Agile” presentation, including the one about the Eierlegende Wollmilchsau.

This was very inspiring conference with great people and a flood of new ideas and knowledge. A big thanks to the volunteer organizers who worked so hard to make it possible. You guys rock.

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