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PrairieDevCon 2010 Presentations

I’ll be in Regina for PrairieDevCon in June. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Prairie_Dev_Con_Presenter Started preparing for my “chalk talk” on refactoring project management and for the “dojo” on refactoring (… arguably easier to handle …) actual code. I’m looking forward to these sessions; Both have great potential for lively exchanges of in-the-trenches experiences. I have much to learn.

See below for the abstracts:

Moving Towards Lean In A Waterfall World

Moving from traditional waterfall-centric push project management to lean pull-based approaches takes more than putting a kanban board on a wall. Using a “real world” example, the audience is invited to help with identifying waste, maximizing flow and (perhaps most importantly at all) explore ways of getting buy-in from management and other stakeholders to whom this way of doing things is completely alien. Just for fun, we’ll try to use nice, easy to understand techie concepts and apply them to running projects: Refactoring (…. gradually change old ways of doing things, in small easy to digest steps), anti-corruption layers (… how to work with other parts of the organization who are in no position to try all this new-fangled stuff), etc.

Refactoring Towards Sanity

Working with legacy code is a fact of life. Re-engineering it all is costly and frequently impractical. This session takes participants through a minimalist example of how to carve “areas of sanity” from tightly coupled Big Balls Of Mud: Instead of re-writing the complete application, focus on the core domain. Gradually isolate key functionality from dependencies and side effects which affect the rest of the system, thus creating “safe” areas where code is under test, SOLID, etc.

(Tools: Visual Studio & Resharper)


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