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Robert Reppel has written his first commercial software application more than 25 years ago. He has seen many since, as developer, architect and agile practitioner, for companies from start-ups to multinationals.

He is the Director of Engineering for Adaptech Solutions, a consulting firm specialising in CQRS based event sourced microservices and leveraging legacy code investments. He currently works in Golang, C#,  Node and Python.

His main interest is the people side of the business. How do ways of thinking, social interactions, organisational structures and processes influence the shape of software systems? What are the types of decisions and actions which result in a useful, maintainable solution?

He believes that software architecture is about communication: What does a solution need to look like so it enables the right conversations to happen among developers and with business stakeholders, at the right time? Can there be “guide fences” which make writing clean code the simplest available option whilst at the same time complicating undesirable choices?